The first in Indonesia
The most beautiful in the world
From all over the world

Shell is one of the mystery of the universe. It can be said that it is one of the miracle of the world. How many shapes can have a shells? And what about the colours? No wonder that many people started to collect them, even since the past centuries. For some, shells meat is a precious and delicious food. For others some shells can be used to create wonderful crafts, ornaments, homewares, and many other wonderful objects.

So, here we are "Bali Shell Museum" to let us show you the wonder of sea shells

- First floor & Second floor
- Shell Crafts
- Homewares
- Lamps
- Accessories

- Second floor
- Millions years old
- Various size
- From all the world
- Theater room

- Third floor
- From all over the world
- Sea Urchin
- Sharks
- Sea Creatures