"The students were thrilled and delighted by what they discovered in the Bali Shell Museum. We are quite fortunate to have such a resource here in Bali"
Tom Dwyer, Grade 3/4 teacher Sanur Independence School

"Museum kerang ini patut untuk dipelihara terus! Manusia harus selalu menghargai KARYA MAHA BESAR ALLAM ini. Hanya dengan cara mencintai dan dekat dengan alam - termasuk mahkluk KERANG ini, kita turut menjaga dan melestarikan ALAM itu sendiri"

"This shell museum deserves for being kept continually! Human must always appreciate THE MASTER PIECE OF THIS NATURE. Only by loving and closing to the nature - including these SHELL creatures, we participate in keeping and preserving the NATURE it self."

The visiting of ibu Mega, the fifth President of Indonesia

Jues (German)

Really cool museum! Very interesting!!

Familia Sepulveda (Chile)

An amazing experience, a very interesting collection. We enjoyed everything very much and we hope that we can come again.

Windy and Tania (Jakarta)

Wonderful place & nice shell museum.